With the most important monetary transaction in your life, it is imperative to appoint professionals to act on your behalf. Our professionalism has been developed over many years of trading and is recognised widely by the industry. Our continued repeat business is a reflection of this.

Our professionalism is demonstrated through:

A brand to uphold

The LJ Hooker Brand is an icon and providing professional service to our clients maintains that good name.

Professional Staff

Our highly trained team of professionals means that your transaction is treated with paramount importance. All too often we hear of the “one man band settlement agency” with no support and no back up procedures in place causing a very bad experience for clients. Our systems and training have been duplicated and showcased in the State training arena as “Best Practice ” methods and used as an example and a model other offices aspire to.


if you are choosing a settlement agency that is away from the hub of activity (the Central CBD) then you may experience delays, and they can be costly. Our CBD location means we are close to all major banks and the Office of State Revenue, and as such can take necessary actions quickly to avoid costly delays.


Professionalism means you are up to date with the latest technology. LJ Hooker is an innovator and is ahead of the industry in this field, see the details on our 24/7 state of the art Settlement Tracker system.


It is important to note that although we are under the LJ Hooker brand, we are an independent Settlement Agency Business and you can rely on us to look after your best interests.

We act under strict privacy regulations and adhere to these with paramount importance. Our aim is to protect our client’s interest and we will never compromise this important relationship. This is achieved by open and honest communication, and tackling issues as they are raised with straight answers and acting upon our clients instructions.

Industry Members

LJ Hooker Settlements are members of the AICWA and regularly attend training and information seminars put on by both the AIC and the Dept of Commerce WA ensuring our staff are always kept informed and up to date with any changes that may affect you.